Posters and Publicity

Original Advertising
U.S. One-Sheet New York Times ad British movie poster
The original U.S. one-sheet. The art was obviously before the movie was completed and possibly even before it was completely cast. Note that the Beastmaster and Kiri don't look anything like Marc Singer and Tanya Roberts. Especially Kiri--not only is her hair red in the movie, she never wears a blue bikini-outfit like the one pictured. An ad from The New York Times from the movie's opening day. I apologize for the newspaper-quality of the picture and the fact that it is in black and white. However, it is interesting to compare this art used here with the U.S. one sheet. British poster art used at the time of the film's release in England. Interesting, but definitely more dramatic and violent than the art used for the U.S. release.
Variety Ad

A full-page ad taken out by coproducer Sylvio Tabet in Variety.

Video and DVD Covers
British Video Cover 1 British Video Cover 2 DVD Cover
The front and back of British video cover as released by Thorn EMI. Thanks to Simon for scanning this and sending me the image. The front of the British video cover as released by Weintraub Entertainment Group. Thanks to Michael (aka elf) who brought it to my attention and who was kind enough to scan the video and send me the image. The front and back of the recently released Anchor Bay DVD cover.
British DVD Cover Spanish Soundtrack CD

The cover of the British DVD released by Five Star Entertainment. Note that it is referred to as the "Director's Cut," but the version on this disc does not differ at all from the U.S. cut. My assumption is that, at some point, it was released in the U.K. in a slightly edited version. The cover of a CD soundtrack that was imported from Spain or Mexico, hence the Spanish title: Kaan: Principe Guerriero. Thanks to Phil Ambroziak of Ottawa, Canada, for sending this to me.

Publicity and Production Stills
Marc Singer Marc Singer Marc Singer
Marc Singer and Tanya Roberts Marc Singer and Ruh Billy Jacoby
Tanya Roberts Playboy Cover Andre Norton Book Cover

The cover of the October 1982 issue of Playboy magazine in which Tanya Roberts posed nude for a Beastmaster-inspired pictorial. This is the cover of the Ballantine Books paperback edition of Andre Norton's sci-fi/Western, The Beastmaster. The novel was first published in 1959, and this cover is from an edition printed in 1984.

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