Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can't find a copy of The Beastmaster on video anywhere! Where can I find it?

This used to be a very common question, but thankfully it is not anymore. With the release of The Beastmaster on both video and DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment, the movie has finally been made widely available on the home video market again. No more scouring eBay or used video stores. For more information about the DVD, click here.

2. I can't find a copy of The Beastmaster soundtrack anywhere! Where can I find it?

You probably won't find it at your local music outlet, but it can be found. Actually, there are two different versions of the soundtrack out there on CD. One contains Lee Holdrige's score for the film as well as his score for the late-'80s TV show Beauty and the Beast. The other version of the soundtrack is titled Kaan: Principe Gurriero, and it is the same as the original soundtrack LP. Both of these are available on CD through the online retailer Super Collector, the two-soundtrack disc for $19.99 and the Beastmaster-only disc for $14.99. Thanks for Kieran for supplying me with this often-requested info. .

Beastmaster/Beauty and the Beast Kaan: Principe Gurriero

3. Dar's sword is really cool. Where can I get a replica of one?

Until very recently, I had absolutely no answer to this questions, and it baffles me still the number of people who want one! But, for those die-hard Beastmaster fanatics out there who really want to sling a sword like Dar's, your dream may not be far away. Vic Anselmo, the knife- and swordmaker who designed and created the original sword for "The Beastmaster," has been contracted by Albion Armorers to come out of retirement and replicate his original design. They are currently negotiating the rights and working out a deal, so it shouldn't be too long (yeah, right). Anyway, watch the Beastmaster page at the Albion Armorers web site for more information about dates and price.

4. What are the names of Dar's two ferrets?

Their names are Kodo and Podo.

5. Do you have Marc Singer's, Tanya Roberts', [insert name of any other person even remotely related to the production of "The Beastmaster" here]'s address?

No, I don't have any celebrity connections of any kind. My biggest connection was receiving appreciative e-mails from Paul Pepperman, the co-writer and co-producer of the film, but I wouldn't hand out his e-mail address, anyway.

6. Do you have nude pictures of Tanya Roberts you can e-mail me?

No, I have no nude pictures of Tanya Roberts. Yes, this site does feature a very small image of several of Tanya's pics from her 1982 nude feature in Playboy, but I do not have large images, nor would I send them to anyone even if I did! As much as I like to think that most people arrive at this web site because they are interested in The Beastmaster, it is amazing how many people land here because they typed "Tanya Roberts Nude" into a search engine. Sorry, but if that's what you're interested in, you're in the wrong locale.

7. Why don't you like the "Beastmaster" sequels?

Because they suck. Stop wasting my time.

If a search engine brought you to this page and you are not in frames, please click here.

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