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Production Information and Reviews
The Beastmaster Page at the Internet Movie Database

Contains all the cast and crew information about the film, plus links to movie reviews and other sites

Classic Sci-Fi Review

Here is a well-written review of the film by Mark Wilson, who humorously offers the alternate title Dr. Dolittle the Barbarian.

Uncle Scoopy's Movie House Review

This is a short, but nice review of the film that offers one of the most concise and thoughtful defenses of it that I've ever read, as well as some trivia and information on the DVD.

Review at Oh, the Humanity! The Worst Movies on Earth

The worst movies on earth? What the hell!?! Now, before you die-hard Beastmaster fans get all up in arms, I ask you to check out this review because I promise it is one of the best on the Internet. "Oh, the Humanity!", which is one of the funniest and most readable Web sites around, actually recommends The Beastmaster. Like most fans, they realize that, although it's easy to make fun of the film, when you're done watching it, it's hard to get over how "not bad" it was. Plus, you an read a great slam of the sequel here.

Review at Bad Movie Night

"Bad Movie Night" reviewer Dave Sagehorn isn't quite as kind as our friend at "Oh, the Humanity!" toward The Beastmaster, but he does, in truly guilty fashion, admit to liking it despite his admonition that it's "bad." Plus, he likes ferrets.

Uncle Scoopy's Movie House Review

This is a short, but nice review of the film that offers one of the most concise and thoughtful defenses of it that I've ever read, as well as some trivia and information on the DVD.

At-A-Glance Film Review

A very brief review of the film, notable mainly because it is one of the few out there on the web.

Movie Music U.K. Review of The Beastmaster Score

Here is another review of the The Beastmaster score, this one by Jonthan Broxton. He gives the score a good review, and I'll have to forgive him for referring to The Beastmaster as a "bottom of the barrell sword-and-scorcery flick."

Cast and Crew
The Coscarelli Compendium

This is a well-done fan page celebrating the work of director/cowriter Don Coscarelli. Most of his films has a separate page, and there are also biography, news, and links pages. Clicking here will take you directly to The Beastmaster page, which currently contains only screen shots of the DVD menus.

Tall Tales: The Man Behind Phantasm: An Interview with Don Coscarelli

This is a lengthy interview conducted with director/cowriter Don Coscarelli at the DVD web site The Digital Bits on November 3, 1999, in conjunction with the release of a new Phantasm DVD. There isn't much on The Beastmaster, but he does discuss some of the production problems he faced and ruminates on what a new DVD would be like (now we know).

The Unofficial Marc Singer Home Page

Looking for tons of photographs, publicity stills, and video captures of Marc Singer? Look no further than here. The link goes directly to the page dedicated to The Beastmaster, but the site is much larger, incorprating images and information from all his films.

Tanya Roberts: Dangerous Curves

This is a comprehensive fan site dedicated to Tanya Roberts. It contains dozens and dozens of publicity photographs and stills from her various movies and TV shows. Sorry, not Playboy pics, though.

Other Fan Sites
A Tribute to The Beastmaster

This is a nicely done one-page tribute to The Beastmaster that contains 15 sound files from the movie, a nice assortment of pictures, and a plot summary.

Beastmaster Fan Page

This is another one of the few fan sites I've found that is dedicated solely to The Beastmaster. It offers almost no information about the film, but it does offer numerous video stills (many of which can also be found here). However, points have to be deducted because it takes forever to load, and the owner of the site seems to hold the same amount of regard for the two Beastmaster sequels as he does for the original.

The Beastmaster Project: 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Sword

One of the most frequent questions I get that I cannot answer is, "Where can I get a replica of Dar's sword?" Well, now I finally have an answer! Vic Anselmo, the knife- and swordmaker who designed and created the original sword for The Beastmaster, has been contracted by Albion Armorers to come out of retirement replicate his original design. Watch this web site for more information about when it will be available and what the price will be.

Beastmaster: The Legend Continues Offical Web Site

This is the official web site of The Beastmaster: The Legend Continues television series. I haven't seen more than half of one episode of the show, but the web site is nicely designed. It includes Dar's background story (which doesn't really match what happens in the original movie), cast and crew, information on the varioius animals, production notes, and a search engine so you can find showtimes.

Although this very well-designed and entertaining web site it dedicated to the Phantasm cult sci-fi/horror movie series, it it notable here because of the information it offers about writer/director Don Coscarelli, who also co-wrote and directed The Beastmaster. To go directly to the biographical info about Coscarelli, click here.

Comic Book Universe Battles: Barbarian Brawl

Here's a real oddity for you. This is a web site that sets up fictional battles between popular characters, and then has people send in e-mails about who they think will win. This particular battle pits Dar, the Beastmaster against three other well-known barbarians: Conan, Thundarr, and Fafhrd. Not much here, but it's interesting to check out at least once just for the fun of it.

Jaffo's Media Page: Ode to the Beastmaster

Jaffo is a self-styled comedian whose writings are sometimes quite funny. Here he riffs on all things 80's, and uses the Beastmaster and its unsung decency as his starting part. It gets a little rambling by the end, but it's still worth a read.

If anybody knows of any links to other sites on the Internet with information or pictures from The Beastmaster, please let me know and I will add them to the link page.

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